Family Beach Photo Sessions

Only $25 per person

Our professional portrait sessions on the beach will be the highlight of your time in Myrtle Beach! Our photographer will spend a full 30-45 minutes with you and your family on a beautiful, private residential section of the beach located in the heart of Myrtle Beach. The photographer will photograph your family sitting in the sand with the dunes in the background, on the beach, and even NEAR AND “IN” the water where you’ll get the most amazing reflection shots! Our photographers work very hard to make this a fun and exciting outing for you and your family!

We book all of our sessions early in the morning at sunrise and late in the afternoon at sunset for the best possible light. Sunrise will give you the best opportunity to capture the sun coming up over the horizon of the ocean and, if Mother Nature cooperates, the sky will be a mixture of beautiful colors. Our sunrise appointments are our most requested and loved beach sessions. Sunset sessions will give you the more traditional blue skies and blue water. Whichever time you choose we promise to provide you with memories to last a lifetime!

For groups larger than 9 we have special pricing!

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Coastal Studios Gets That Shot That Last A Lifetime!

Whether you want to capture that perfect vacation moment or remember the family bonding forever nothing will secure that memory like a custom photograph by a professional photographer.